Monday, June 13, 2011

SCC Girls Golf Hall of Fame

Well, a few months ago I received a letter in the mail inviting me to a hall of fame banquet/induction for SCC girls golf. I had to read a few times and wonder why I would be inducted into a hall of fame. Then, I called my mom to ask her, “Why do you think I would be inducted into the hall of fame??” My mom had to remind me that our team was very good and we won our division the year I played there! Well….I guess my memory isn’t too good after having a few kids and quite a few years.  I had forgotten those days of playing college golf and enjoying the nature and not worrying about kids.  So, 5 of my teammates and both coaches were there for the big weekend event! The funny thing is that as we visited and looked through pictures my memory came back to me (a little). Here we are all together at the banquet.  We had a dinner and then we were given the awards! Also….coach Tikker got an award and was inducted into the Coaches Hall of Fame….way to go!!!

2011 491

This picture was too cute! Lindy’s youngest daughter was there and was being so good the whole night….wonder why?? She kept going and getting sugar packets and dumping them in her water….love the sugar (hopefully Lindy got some sleep that night!)

2011 462

Christine and her family…..

2011 623

Sandy and her family…..

2011 386

Here we are at Tikker’s home…It was nice to be able to visit some more!

2011 103

Now here is your future pro…watch for him…he is only 2…..and what a swing!!!

2011 106

Here are some cute pictures of Dawn’s kids. (Dawn and I were roommates while we were going to college at SCC)

2011 315

2011 754

And here is my husband and I….we left the kids at home with my mom and dad (I knew there would be food everywhere we went….not a fun thing with food allergies).

2011 575

So…when we got back home we were telling my parents and kids all about the trip and my son says, “Mom, I didn’t know you played college golf!” It was too funny… guess what my kids want to do this summer?? They want me to do golf camps with them! Last summer I put them in a golf camps and they loved it…But, now they realize I played! So…I think I will take them up on the offer….

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