Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cub Scout Camp

I have been stressing and stressing about sending my son to scout camp this summer. I hear from everyone that they make birdfeeders with peanutbutter. YIKES! They say it is a mess and peanutbutter is everywhere and on every kid! Double YIKES! They say it is a tradition and they have to make them. So I wrote a note to the cub scout office and told them about my sons severe allergies to dairy, eggs and peanuts and asked which days do they do the birdfeeders (so I can keep my son home that day). A note came back to me today. The lady said there will NOT be any dairy, eggs or peanuts at scout camp this year. She totally understands because her son has peanut allergies too! So...if you are stessing about something allergy related try your best to educate others and remember it doesn't hurt to ask questions. So many people are in the same boat too!!!

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